Runners needed for studies

To do good running science we need good runners!

For most of our footwear studies we are often looking for runners that fit a men’s US9/9.5 shoe (that would be a women’s US10.5/11), as this is the typical sample size for most running brands (which means they will have prototype shoes first available in that size). For some footwear studies we have multiple sizes available, and for general running studies (independent of footwear) we often are looking for runners that meet a specific training or performance requirement. Most studies will involve one or two 1.5hr visits to our lab at the UMass campus. Typically, we compensate participants $15-25 per session.

If you’re a runner in the greater Amherst area and might be interested in participating in some of our studies, we encourage you to fill out the contact form below. This will enable us to contact you and share our ongoing and future studies with you.

Currently, we’re looking for runners that fit men’s US9/9.5 or US10.5 shoes for a study on Nike Vaporfly shoes.

credit: Hot Chocolate Run 2019

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